We use the medium of outdoors and adventure for experiential learning & development programmes

EWe design and execute programmes which engage the participants in learning or honing life skills. These programmes are highly exclusive since these are highly interactive and are conducted through the medium of the outdoor sessions along with a few classroom setups.

Some of the examples of our Engage Programmes are as under:

1) First Aid & CPR Programmes

(a) At Home, (b) At Workplace, and (c) Outdoor Emergencies
Following an accident / injury, the first hour is a very crucial hour for the patient. This hour is known as the Golden Hour and whatever happens during this hour decides the fate of the patient. When the amount of time taken to get the patient to definitive medical care exceeds 1 hour, the situation is termed as an outdoors scenario. This could mean that one is just across the road from a hospital but cannot gain access to medical aid due to a flood, strike, riot or a procession. Traditional first aid programs are designed for the common medical problems in urban settings, which sometimes become ineffective in the outdoors with the absence of mobile phones, ambulances and other quick rescue services. Hence experience, innovation and a resolute spirit plays a vital role when it comes to outdoor medicine.

2) Communication

This programme emphasizes on the importance of communication in improving interpersonal relationships at home and at work.

3) Intra-preneurshipProgramme

We believe that Intrapreneurship is about those talented employees in your organization who have the potential of leadership and helping them take initiatives and create opportunities within your organization for its growth. Our programmes enable talent within your organisation to realise its true potential and interact with likeminded persons as well as successful Entrepreneurs.

4) Personal Excellence

We believe that life is not just about work and competition but about being happy about who you are and what you do. The benefits whereof need no description. Our programme is designed to help you appreciate and celebrate life.

Deliverables and Takeaways

  • Converts your workforce into an energetic team of achievers
  • Strengthen the bond between your new talent and your organization
  • Improves staff relationships and brings trust alive
  • Allows staff to communicate open and effectively.
  • Creates a working environment where innovation and creativity flourishes, enabling you to obtain competitive advantage.
  • Increased loyalty and retention
  • Brings about a rise in the morale of your workforce