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 ‘Jumpstart’ that Perfect Weekend.Weekend getaways from the ‘shor sharaaba’ of the big city life and jumpstart the fun, masti and dhamaal with some ‘mangal in the jungle’.

Look forward to treks, trails, mountain climbs, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, white water rafting and much much more…

Jumpstart Outdoors is a traveller’s platform to go about exploring different adventures this world has to offer. We believe, a weekend should be celebrated outdoors as an interaction with nature to open the senses of your subconscious mind. At a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where new relationships are formed and serenity is admired.

Celebrate the freedom of a weekend or a long vacation with Jumpstart, where we bring you the best of any place. Discovering new places, new adventures and new areas of interest is our forte. We believe in providing a wholesome experience to a traveller not just in terms of economical prices (which is right up there in our agenda), but also in terms of providing the experience of a lifetime.

We take pride in your dream of exploring the unexplored and in every way want to help you accomplish that. We aim to fulfil the wishes of your bucket list in every way we can. Travel, to us, is an infinite space of aspirations, which with hard work and dedication can be fulfilled. You continue aspiring and leave the hard work to us.

Let’s travel and explore beyond the spaces of chaotic urban life. Let’s explore the wonders of nature and get mesmerised by existence and in turn re-affirm our belief that it’s a beautiful, beautiful world.

Come, for a weekend, let’s leave the city behind…

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